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The Gas Production Respirometer is based on the “volumetric device” IDEAFLOW for measuring the flowrate/volume of the biogas (CH4+CO2 or CH4 only), of the off-gas in fermentation systems (CO2) and in anoxic processes (N2, denitrifications, anammox), and even for the evaluation of rumen activity, yeast activity dough rising and beer/wine production.

It is the best choice for BMP, BHP and Anaerobic toxicity assays (ATAs) but also for the study of all aerobic processes (wastewater and bioplastic biodegradability, any aerobic process) when coupled with a 100% O2 reservoir (gas bag) and a simple system arrangement.

IDEAFLOW presents not only the typical PROs of a volumetric method over manometric devices (low overpressure, conditions similar to full scale applications, no problems of CO2 solubilisation) but also several advantages compared with other volumetric devices in the market: it is the only system without a mechanical / electromechanical mechanism for the gas discharge, it is a special hydraulic system with no obstructions to the gas outlet (Extreme Safety) and no maintenance needs.

gas-production-respirometer gas-production-respirometer gas-production-respirometer