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XL Smart Peristaltic Pump is supplied as 1 or 2 pumping heads for continuous and intermittent pumping (Function 1) or for the dosage of a specific volume of a solution into a vessel (Function 2). It is driven by a stepper motor with speed variation from 10% to 100% of the full flowrate. It is adaptable to 2 types of innovapreneTM tubes in terms of dimensions (6.4 x 2.4 mm, 8.0 x 2.4 mm)

The Peristaltic head is driven by a digital stepper motor, a brushless DC electric motor that divides a full rotation into steps of 0.1125° (1/8 gear ratio) or 0.0141° (1/64 gear ratio), depending on the model. The motor's position is commanded with high accuracy and precision by an inner microprocessor that moves and holds the motor step by step, controlling the speed in rpm (rev. per minute, Function 1) or the degree of rotation correspondent to a specific volumetric spike of the solution (Function 2).


Options: NIR biomass measurement, level control system integrated within the pump (pressure sensors, conductive switches, ultrasound sensors, vibrating level switches), 2 or 3 ways pinch valves.